Bulgarian Old Calendar Orthodox Church

Metropolitan Photiy of Triaditza

First Hierarch of the Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Bulgaria

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Selected Works

«By pen and word», volume one


Preface by the Editors

І. Ecclesiastical Conscience and Church Politics

A Fateful Step on the Road of Apostasy // The Unity of Orthodoxy Today // Ecclesiastical Conscience, Ecclesiastical Policies, Ecumenism // Apostasy Today. The Ecclesiological Aspect: Spiritual Authenticity As the Source of Canonicity // Crisis in Contemporary Orthodox Ecclesial Self-Awareness: Is Any Notion of «External Correctness» Allowable In Orthodoxy? // Errare Romanum est // The War, Orthodoxy and We

ІІ. Theological Studies And Articles

The Teachings of St. John Cassian Respecting the Interrelation Between Grace and Free Will in the Work of Salvation // Orthodox Spirituality — Living Tradition. The Holy Spirit's Work in the Church // The Vatican is Not the Catholic Church // On the Orthodox Tradition Regarding the Celestial Translation of the Mother of God in Body, After Her Most Glorious Dormition

ІІІ. Essays

I believe... in One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church // The Sanctity of the Christian Church // Bulgarian Sanctity and We // Two Luminaries of Orthodoxy // Sufferer and Protector of the Land of Bulgaria // Repentance—The Mystery of Salvation


A Luminary of Spiritual Knowledge (Saint Nicodemos the Hagiorite) by Bishop Photii of Triaditza.

About His Eminence, Bishop Photii of Triaditza (A Biographical Note)




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